Thanksgiving Cooking Leads to Kitchen Clean Up

We hope that everyone is enjoying planning for their Holiday and Thanksgiving cooking with friends and family.  As we all know, every dish in the house is about to be dirty and leads to Thanksgiving cooking clean up.  Every single dish will be covered with baked on, sticky, and grandma’s salad that everyone loves (but no one eats).  As you start cleaning up the kitchen follow a few simple steps to avoid calling the plumber for an unfortunate disaster with the sink and/or toilet backing up.


Tips for Thanksgiving Cooking Clean Up

  • Use a bowl to scrape uneaten food into.  If you are fortunate enough to have yard waste/food scrap composting curbside pick up or composting in your yard.  Make this best use for those scraps to keep them out of the landfill.  But more important than anything is DO NOT put food scraps down the drain or in the toilet.
  • If you are frying, get a heat safe container to pour the grease into for later disposal.  I use a canning jar for bacon grease (that can be used later).  This way I can put a lid on it to keep it fresh and use it later.  For waste grease, use a vegetable can or other container to hold the grease until it cools and solidifies and then throw it in the garbage.  DO NOT put grease down the drain or toilet.  Grease will destroy your drains and lead to clogs and/or backups
  • Save water by putting a bowl of hot water on the counter.  Use white vinegar as a cost effective alternative to chemicals when you can, but you can also make it a soapy solution.  This will keep your sink clear for dishes and give you a portable way to wipe down tables and counters without getting in the way of the sink and dishwashing especially in small kitchens.

What do you do if disaster strikes and the sink or toilet back up?

  1. Call a Plumber!
  2. Then call The Flood Guys.  We work with your plumber to make sure the area is clean and dry after a disaster in the kitchen or bathroom.  If you are unfamiliar with Mitigation Services, click on our Frequently Asked Questions Page.  The Flood Guys protect your home from secondary damage from rot or mold.

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