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Blog to find helpful articles related to water, fire, smoke, mold, & storm damage clean up.  Get answers to frequent asked questions.  You can also ask the Damage Restoration Specialist through our Contact Page.

The Flood Guys offer helpful tips for home preventative maintenance, home repair, and insight on when to call a professional.  Our Damage Restoration Specialist Blog pulls from over 50 years of professional experience in Water Damage Restoration and Mitigation.  We are here to help you navigate the complex and stressful time dealing with home repairs.  Available with 24hr Emergency Hotline support at 844-FloodDude.

The Flood Guys are Certified and pull information from the IICRC.  Additional resources are WA State L and I, NW Clean Air Agency, WA Dept of Natural Resources, and more.

The Flood Guys take pride in educating and certifying our staff so that every job has a Certified Technician on site managing the work.  The Flood Guys service area includes Western and Central Washington including Thurston, Pierce, King, Snohomish, Skagit, Yakima, and Kittitas Counties.  We service from 3 locations to ensure an average of 90 minutes from call to arrival with 24hr Emergency response from 844-356-6338.

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Saving Water Damaged Hardwood Floors

When disaster happens, you want to call the professionals with the most experience to protect your home from additional damage, especially for saving water damaged hardwood floors. When water damage happens, time is the major factor in saving you from expensive replacement costs.  The Flood Guys average 90 minutes from… Read More

Kent Commercial Water Damage Flooding Project

It’s a Monday morning and you are opening up your office to start the week.  Then *squish*…  Your first step into the office and you are greeted by the sound of running water and the squish of wet carpet beneath your feet.  What do you do? This Kent, WA Commercial… Read More

Window Safety Tips for Children

The Flood Guys helpful weekly tips for homeowners this week comes from Fenestration & Glazing Industry Alliance with window safety tips for children. According to a safety report, 8 children under 5 year old die and another 3,300 children are hospitalized every year due to… Read More

Tips Tuesday – Spring Cleaning Airing Out Your Home

#TipsTuesday – Spring Cleaning/Airing Out Your Home It used to be a common occurrence, as the warm air and longer days approach, airing out of your home as a part of spring cleaning.  Replacing stagnant air for fresh air and opening up the curtains or shutters to let the sunlight… Read More

Kitchen Fire Prevention and Safety

Preventing Kitchen Fire Happy Thanksgiving to The Flood Guys family and friends.  We hope everyone has a safe Thanksgiving, but if Kitchen Fire disaster strikes, call The Flood Guys for Fire & Smoke damage clean up.  The Flood Guys offer board up and roof tarp serves to protect your… Read More

Best Tips For Thanksgiving Cooking Clean Up

Thanksgiving Cooking Leads to Kitchen Clean Up We hope that everyone is enjoying planning for their Holiday and Thanksgiving cooking with friends and family.  As we all know, every dish in the house is about to be dirty and leads to Thanksgiving cooking clean up.  Every single dish will be… Read More

3 Reasons NOT to Sleep with your Phone

3 Reasons You Should NOT Sleep with Your Phone in the Bed – #TipsTuesday   #TipsTuesday – 3 reasons you should NOT sleep with a phone or tablet in your bed. The activities on your phone or tablet are created for the express reason to keep you engaged. … Read More

Disaster Response to Tree Fall

#TipsTuesday – Tree Fall Disaster Response The Flood Guys are more than just water damage clean up, we also offer disaster response to tree fall with roof tarping services.  Call The Flood Guys first for emergency response damage to your roof from trees falling in a wind storm.  When the… Read More

9 Tips for Preventing Mold in You Home – #TipsTuesday

9 Tips for Preventing Mold Damage in Your Home or Office Mold Damage can grow in the right conditions in as little as 24 hours.  Like any living creature, Mold needs the right conditions including food, air, and water to flourish.  Take one or more them away and you will… Read More

5 Tips for Getting your Home ready for the Rainy Season #TipsTuesday – 5 Tips for getting your home ready with Rainy Season Preventative Maintenance.  Preventative maintenance for your home changes with every season, especially as you get ready for winter.  In the Pacific NW that means RAIN, Wind, Ice, Snow, more Rain…  And sometimes all in the same… Read More

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