#TipsTuesday – Spring Cleaning/Airing Out Your Home

It used to be a common occurrence, as the warm air and longer days approach, airing out of your home as a part of spring cleaning.  Replacing stagnant air for fresh air and opening up the curtains or shutters to let the sunlight in.  Best performed when air quality outside is high.

Reasons to Air Out Your Home as part of your Spring Cleaning routine:

  1. Removing Volatile Organic Compounds and CO2
    1. Burning candles, using sprays or aerosols, glue in the wood all can cause VOCs
  2. Reducing Allergens and Dust
  3. Eliminating Odors from food or pets
  4. Sunlight and fresh air are natural anti-depressants
    1. Much like a walk outside, adding fresh air and sunlight to your home will help elevate your mood
  5. Reduce mold & mildew
    1. Reducing humidity levels will impede the growth of some molds and mildew
  6. Increase oxygen levels for better concentration & heart health
    1. Oxygen can actually reduced in a closed environment, much like a fish tank water has to be replaced, so does air in your home.  Increased oxygen helps elevate moods, allow for more concentration, and event help your heart

Good Housekeeping – Tips for Spring Cleaning  Here are a few more tips for Spring Cleaning from Good Housekeeping.


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