Window Safety Tips for Children

The Flood Guys helpful weekly tips for homeowners this week comes from Fenestration & Glazing Industry Alliance with window safety tips for children. According to a safety report, 8 children under 5 year old die and another 3,300 children are hospitalized every year due to injuries from… Read More

Tips Tuesday – Spring Cleaning Airing Out Your Home

#TipsTuesday – Spring Cleaning/Airing Out Your Home It used to be a common occurrence, as the warm air and longer days approach, airing out of your home as a part of spring cleaning.  Replacing stagnant air for fresh air and opening up the curtains or shutters to let the sunlight… Read More

3 Reasons NOT to Sleep with your Phone

3 Reasons You Should NOT Sleep with Your Phone in the Bed – #TipsTuesday   #TipsTuesday – 3 reasons you should NOT sleep with a phone or tablet in your bed. The activities on your phone or tablet are created for the express reason to keep you engaged. … Read More

8 Tips for Avoiding Frozen Pipes

8 Tips for Avoiding Frozen Pips Water Damage clean up is a call no one wants to make, avoiding costly pipe burst is one way to make sure you never have to call us. When the temperatures are dropping, make sure your home is ready, inside and out, by… Read More

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