Protect, Clean, and Return Your Belongs

When disaster strikes at your home or office, your belongings may be in jeopardy.  Damage may come from the initial disaster or from the perils of the Water Damage mitigation and reconstruction process.  Protect your belongings with The Flood Guys Disaster Moving & Storage services for contents management.

The Flood Guys team of certified professionals will pack, inventory and store your belongings in a clean safe space away from the damage and construction areas of your home or office.  Storage can be either on-site in a clean location you designate or in our environmentally controlled & secure storage warehouse.  If cleaning is needed, our team will work to salvage every item possible, clean and deodorize before returning your belongings back to your home or office.

Contents Management Services

  • Photographic Inventory
  • Pack & Protect your Belongings
  • Store: Onsite or in The Flood Guys climate-controlled warehouse
  • Clean, Restore, Deodorize
  • Return your Belongings

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Communication & Customer Service

The Flood Guys make sure that every step of the process is communicated.  Our goal is to exceed your expectations while our professional staff provide inventory, packing, cleaning, deodorizing, and return services.

The Flood Guys Disaster Moving and Storage staff will make sure your belongings are protected and secure.

  • Legal Documents
  • Photographs
  • Furniture
  • Clothing
  • Electronics
  • Wall Art
  • Books

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Pack Out Services

The Flood Guys Disaster Moving & Storage services are available to protect your belongings during  emergency construction services.  Our professional moving & storage staff will photographic inventory and pack your belongings to be stored either on-site or off-site at our warehouse.  Any damage that has already occurred to your belongings may be cleaned and potentially repaired by our certified technicians.  A digital trail from packing to storage includes location, condition, and finally return to original placement is maintained.

Contents Storage

The Flood Guys Disaster Moving and Storage services give maximum protection from by offering our professional packing, photographic inventory, and storage at our warehouse. The Flood Guys warehouse is secure & environmentally controlled.

Customers can also choose to store onsite.  The Flood Guys will pack and inventory items and then store everything in your chosen location; away from the damage and reconstruction area.

Ozone Treatment

Water Damage can quickly become textile damage from mold and mildew.  Smoke Damage soaks into surfaces and clothing that simple washing can’t remove.  Our Ozone Treatment includes first deep cleaning with green, environmentally friendly products.  The Flood Guys put contents into a sealed room and use our state-of-the-art Ozone system to remove odors from your contents.

Pack Back Services

If you have chosen to use our off-site storage and you are ready to have your belongings returned The Flood Guys moving & storage staff will work to accommodate your schedule.  We strive to have this whole process go as smoothly as possible with optimal communication and reporting services.

Contents Cleaning Services

If fire, smoke, or water has damaged your belongings, The Flood Guys Disaster Moving and Storage team will use top quality green products to clean and salvage your items before they are stored.  Storage at our off-site warehouse will protect your belongings from additional damage during the mitigation and reconstruction process.  On-site storage at your chosen location away from the mitigation and construction area available.

Furniture Restoration Services

Tables, couches, or chairs, you name it!  The Flood Guys team of certified Textile Restorers use 50 years of professional experience and top quality green products to salvage furniture.  Experienced in water, smoke or fire damaged property.

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