Salvaging Your Property

When disaster strikes at your home or office, your belongings may be affected. The team of Certified professionals from The Flood Guys can pack, inventory and store your items either on-site in a clean location you designate or in our environmentally controlled & secure storage warehouse and work to salvage every item possible before restoring items to your home.

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Back To Normal

The Flood Guys strive to salvage your property and bring you back to normal as soon as possible. Our team makes sure that every step of the process is communicated, ensuring no confusion and giving you a good expectation of our professional process. Feel free to give us a call if you have any questions about our procedures.

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Pack Out Services

We want to make sure we can save as much property as we can during an emergency event. We’ll start by salvaging all of your items to ensure that your property will not be further damaged. Photographic inventory is logged and maintained for your belongings, creating a digital trail from packing, to storage location, condition, and finally return to original placement.

Off-Site Contents Storage

We value the security of your property. The Flood Guys use our own personal storage crates with photographic inventory & tracking procedures that ensure the protection of your property. Our warehouse is secure & environmentally controlled.

On-Site Storage

Alternatively, if you have a clean, secure space on your property, at your direction, we can professionally pack and move your belongings to that space until the property is restored.

Pack Back Services

Once your house is restored, we will return all of your items right back where you left them. We strive to have this whole process go as smoothly as possible.

Contents Cleaning Services

If fire, smoke, or water has damaged your home or office’s contents, our team will use top quality green products to clean and salvage your items.

Furniture Restoration Services

Tables, couches, or chairs, you name it! Our team is Certified in Textile Restoration and has the knowledge and products to salvage any furniture that may have experienced water, smoke or fire damage during the unfortunate event.