When The Storm Hits

Storms rank among some of the most unpredictable natural disasters. Yes, technology’s rapid advancements have made many of them somewhat predictable, but when they hit in full fury, there is little you can do to save your property from damage. Storm damage can severely hurt your property, be it residential or commercial. However, with the right restoration services, you can rest assured that your property would be repaired in a matter of days and weeks. You can trust The Flood Guys to provide you with the most reliable storm damage services. Over the years, we have garnered rave reviews for our timely services not just for storm damage, but for a wide variety of other property problems.

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A Quick Response Time

Storms can happen at any time. Day or night, The Flood Guys can respond to you typically within 90 minutes, making sure your home is secure and not suffering from further damage. If it’s a small leak coming in through the roof, or a 40 foot tree falling through your house, we will be able to service you at a moment’s notice.

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Common Storm Damage Sources in the Pacific Northwest

Rain & Snow Storm

Rain and snow storms can penetrate through your roof and can leak, which eventually will cause water damage and mold in your home.

Tree Falls

Due to high winds that occur in the Pacific Northwest, trees can fall over and break through your roof, which can leave your house vulnerable to water damage.

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