8 Tips for Avoiding Frozen Pips

Water Damage clean up is a call no one wants to make, avoiding costly pipe burst is one way to make sure you never have to call us.

When the temperatures are dropping, make sure your home is ready, inside and out, by taking a few steps towards preventing damage before it happens.

8 tips to avoiding frozen pipes. Home DIY to avoid broken pipes due to cold and freezing temperatures

As temperatures drop, avoid costly damage by preventing frozen pipes before they happen.

  1. Disconnect Garden Hoses from exterior host bibs/faucets
  2. Insulate Outside Faucets: use a towel or purchase an insulated cover from your local home repair store
  3. Seal around hose bibs where they leave the house: use spray foam insulation or caulk to seal cracks or air gaps around exterior pipes where they leave the house structure
  4. Drain sprinkler systems
  5. Keep home thermostat above 55 degrees
  6. Turn on a slow trickle of water, especially on exterior walls.  Running water does not freeze as easily as standing water, even the cold water is warm enough to avoid freezing in most areas.
  7. Open cupboards to expose pipes under sinks and toilets to warmer air.  Do not close off unused rooms from heat if they have pipes.
  8. Keep Garage Doors closed and insulated.  Most homes have attached garages with pipes running through, you don’t have to heat the garage, just keep it above freezing temperatures.

More Tips for Cold Weather from the WA State Department of Health

If the worst does happen, call a professional plumber to repair the pipe damage first.  If there is a leak and water gets into your walls, flooring, or crawl space, call The Flood Guys.  It only takes 24-48 hours for mold to start to form in the right conditions.  We will be there to properly structural dry, dehumidify, deodorize, and prevent mold and secondary damage from rot in your home.  Saving you costly repairs in the future and potentially unsafe living conditions.  We work directly with your insurance and plumber to fix your home correctly the first time and prevent future damage.

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