Saving Water Damaged Hardwood Floors

When disaster happens, you want to call the professionals with the most experience to protect your home from additional damage, especially for saving water damaged hardwood floors. When water damage happens, time is the major factor in saving you from expensive replacement costs.  The Flood Guys average 90 minutes from… Read More

Kent Commercial Water Damage Flooding Project

It’s a Monday morning and you are opening up your office to start the week.  Then *squish*…  Your first step into the office and you are greeted by the sound of running water and the squish of wet carpet beneath your feet.  What do you do? This Kent, WA Commercial… Read More

Tips Tuesday – Spring Cleaning Airing Out Your Home

#TipsTuesday – Spring Cleaning/Airing Out Your Home It used to be a common occurrence, as the warm air and longer days approach, airing out of your home as a part of spring cleaning.  Replacing stagnant air for fresh air and opening up the curtains or shutters to let the sunlight… Read More

Hidden Signs of Water Damage

Bathrooms are our #1 job source for hidden water damage. Unfortunately modern tile showers can be a source of hidden water damage.  Tile showers and old toilets that aren’t properly sealed, grouted, or seals have gotten damaged over time. Have peace of mind, if the follow signs appear in your… Read More

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