When disaster happens, you want to call the professionals with the most experience to protect your home from additional damage, especially for saving water damaged hardwood floors.

When water damage happens, time is the major factor in saving you from expensive replacement costs.  The Flood Guys average 90 minutes from call to arrival at your home to lend 50 years of experience to your water restoration project.  Saving hardwood floors from buckling and needing to be replaced is dictated by our ability to respond quickly and with the appropriate equipment to save your hardwood floors.

Especially in history homes, hardwood floors are sometimes irreplaceable and vital part of your home’s character.   The Flood Guys have the expertise and technical training to make every attempt to protect your hardwood floors from warping and buckling after a water or sewer disaster.  We also provide moisture detection above, below, and all around the area to find hidden water to protecting your home from secondary damage from mold or rot.

Tips for Saving Water Damaged Hardwood Floors

  1. Remove Visible Surface Water
  2. Set up fans or air movers as soon as possible
  3. Contact The Flood Guys to detect how far the water has gotten under the flooring or up the walls.
    1. They can professionally extract water and even get flooring to lay back down and flatten out, as long as we get soon enough.

If The Flood Guys are there before severe buckling occurs, we can typically save the flooring.  At the point where we are unable to save hardwoods and they have to be removed, The Flood Guys will do our best to only remove materials that are not salvageable, minimizing your repair costs.  When the water damaged area is dried and protected against mold and rot, then you will likely need to refinish the affected area.  For aesthetics, you may need to either partially refinish or fully refinish the flooring.

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