Bathrooms are our #1 job source for hidden water damage.  Unfortunately modern style tile showers can be a source of hidden water damage along with old toilets that aren’t properly sealed.

Have peace of mind by getting your bathroom professionally inspected by The Flood Guys if you notice:

  1. Visible stains that reappear after cleaning
  2. Soft or Squishy Floor
  3. Musty smell
  4. Humid air year round

Long term leaks can lead to structural issues with floors and ceilings along with dreaded mold and rot, especially here in the Pacific Northwest.  In addition to inspecting the bathroom, The Flood Guys technicians will inspect the walls and crawl space for other signs and long to leaks.  After removing affected materials and drying the area, where appropriate, The Flood Guys will spray an antimicrobial to help prevent mold growth.  We will work directly with your plumber to make sure the leak is repaired and properly mitigated against secondary structural damage.

We work with your insurance company providing industry standard reports with photos and moisture readings through the drying process.


horizontal The Flood Guys logo with Emergency Phone NumberThe Flood Guys will be there to provide professional moisture detection, but the true test is to look under the flooring and behind the walls to see what is really happening.  Water will go anywhere and everywhere it can, wicking up walls and seeping through layers of flooring.  Both of these places create the perfect environment for mold to grow.  Services Page

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