#TipsTuesday – Tree Fall Disaster Response

The Flood Guys are more than just water damage clean up, we also offer disaster response to tree fall with roof tarping services.  Call The Flood Guys first for emergency response damage to your roof from trees falling in a wind storm.  When the wind blows, trees fall, and typically that also means rain in the Pacific Northwest.  The Flood Guys will respond within 90 minutes typically to help remove the tree and tarp over the roof to prevent the interior for being damage by rainwater.

Time is not your friend when it comes to water damage.  Our professional staff can also set up drying and dehumidifying before mold has time to form.  Keep your home safe from secondary damage from a roof leaks and roof damage with professional water mitigation services.  The Flood Guys have over 50 years of professional experience.  Click HERE for our Services.

Steps to Follow if a Tree Falls on your house:

  1. Evacuate everyone from the home.  Depending on the damage level, the roof could be unstable.
  2. Call 911 – They will help you with emergency utility service information.
  3. Call The Flood Guys for Tree Fall and Roof tarping services to protect your home.  DO NOT attempt to do this yourself.  The roof can be slippery and unstable.  Best to leave this to the professionals.  We can also set up drying and dehumidifying if needed.  We also offer board up services if windows or doors are broken to help secure your home.
  4. Call your Insurance Company and start a claim including emergency housing.  Most homeowner policies include emergency housing for hotels, food, and more if you are displaced from your home long term.
  5. Start down the road of getting repair services lined up.

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