Preventing Water Damage?

Having a water leak is scary, preventing water damage from a leak by acting fast is key.  We hear from homeowners daily worried about the cost of water mitigation.  The bad news is, if the area walls, floor, and cabinets aren’t properly dried, the cost will go from hundreds of dollars to repair to thousands of dollars in structural damage and rot.

It’s looks dry, but is it really?!?

Looks Can Be Deceiving

Water can seep and wick through not only empty space, but also up into drywall, composite building materials, and between layers of flooring.  More often than not, water damage gives NO VISIBLE signs of potential water damage until it is too late.  A month or more down the road you could be facing extensive repairs and remodeling.

Whenever you have a leak from any source, preventing water damage from the leak is just as important and the fixing the leak itself.  Have a professional Water Mitigation company like The Flood Guys do moisture detection and use our 50 years of professional experience to your advantage.  The Flood Guys are here to help you through the mitigation process.

The Flood Guys will give you peace of mind knowing that your home has been dried and treated against secondary structural damage using the internationally recognized standards set by the IICRC.  Using professional mitigation will result in your home will be protected from secondary damage from mold and rot.  The Flood Guys Services We deal with disasters every day, our customers don’t.

Find more information on mold hazards on the NW Clean Air Agency


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