9 Signs Your Sewer Line Might be Failing

The one area of your home that NO ONE wants to think about…. The Sewer.  The prayer is that what ever goes down, never returns. Check out this fun video for 9 signs to look for in a failing sewer line.  When in doubt, call a professional plumber to check your lines and make sure they are free of root growth or separation from the house line due to settling of foundations or changes in landscaping.


Signs your Sewer Line is Failing

  1. Drains back up and need repeated plunging
  2. Toilets or Drains bubble or make a gurgling sound
  3. Foul Smell in the yard – sewer lines will find a way to vent themselves up through your yard.  Typically through rodent holes.
  4. Area of lush grass in the yard –  You guessed it, it’s fertilizer.  Plants will send roots to the warm, wet area of lush fertilizer.  Looks great, spells terrible.
  5. Reappearing mold on walls or floor –  Waste drain failure in the home will lead to increased moisture and mold growth.
  6. Soggy or squishy areas of your yard –  If the sewer drain is too close to the surface or has totally failed, along with a foul smell you may have a wet lawn.
  7. Cracks in the foundation –  A leaking or failing waste line will cause your ground to shift and settle causing foundation cracks.
  8. Slow Drains – Even if the drain isn’t backing up, a slow drain can be an early indicator
  9. Pest or Insects – Rodents, pests, and insects like warm moist environments that are typically found around failing sewer lines.  Look for increased holes in the ground along your waste line or increased insect activity in the home.

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