#TipsTuesday – 5 Tips for getting your home ready with Rainy Season Preventative Maintenance.  Preventative maintenance for your home changes with every season, especially as you get ready for winter.  In the Pacific NW that means RAIN, Wind, Ice, Snow, more Rain…  And sometimes all in the same day.

Take the weekend to work on these projects and you will take leaps toward making sure you avoid needing to call The Flood Guys.

  1. Clean Gutters of Leaves and Debris – make sure water can freely flow from gutters and out and away from the homes foundation
  2. Sidewalks and Landscaping – pressure wash sidewalks to keep moss from growing and becoming slippery.  Also make sure watch flow off sidewalks and into landscaping that move it away from the foundation of the house
  3. Inspect Trees – Before all of the leaves have fallen, check trees for dead limbs that may become treefall in wind and rain storms.
  4. Inspect Roof – Look for missing shingles, moss growth, or obvious change in the shape of the roof.
  5. Seasonal Reseal – Check doors and windows for dry or cracked sealant.  Replace old and rotting garage door

For additional Disaster Preparedness Ideas, check the Department of Health website

If the worst does happen, save our number BEFORE you NEED it.  844-FloodDude

We offer Mitigation Services to help dry, dehumidify, deodorize and protect your home from secondary damage from water.  We also provide cleaning, packing and storage for your belongings to protect them during the mitigation and reconstruction process.   SERVICES PAGE

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